I wanted to create a separate blog where I could share my fitness journey with you—especially with how it relates to my writing. I’ve discovered over the almost two years I’ve been a full-time writer that exercise—particularly running—has been crucial to my creative process. When I can’t or don’t run, I have a difficult time writing. It’s an interesting relationship, and I suspect that others who incorporate exercise into their daily lives have discovered the same kind of relationship with their fitness and friendships, love relationships, work attitude, etc. Bottom line: exercise makes better people. I know I’m a better person after I’ve worked out. I’m nicer. I’m able to cope. I can handle my anxiety better. I’m more productive. I’m more patient. I’m more forgiving.

I hope this blog serves as encouragement for those who are looking for a way to make working out part of a lifestyle change. I can promise you that once exercise becomes a no question part of your daily routine, you will start to crave that endorphin rush. You’ll look forward to working out. It won’t be a chore. It’ll be a treat. And my goal here is to help you along the way with whatever fitness plan you map out for yourself.

xoxo Summer

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